Tungsan Food Industries PTE LTD

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Tungsan was founded in 1973 by Mr Tan Siah Wee, who is the current Managing Director of the Company. At that time, Mr Tan observed that the Singapore food industry lacked quality suppliers of chilli products. He quickly tapped on this market opportunity by becoming one of the key suppliers. The name chosen for his business was 'Tungsan' (the hanyu pinyin is 'Tangshan' or 唐山, which historically also means "China"), because he had spent his early years in China and was known as "the Chinese lad". As the business grew, Tungsan became Mr Tan's nickname to his close friends and business partners.

Building on Mr Tan's strong interest in cooking and extensive knowledge on raw materials and other food products, Tungsan innovated and created over 60 types of products over the years. Some of Tungsan's popular products include vinegar green chilli, vegetarian ah cha, Laksa and Tom Yum. In addition to the company's OEM products, Tungsan also procure and repack more than 100 types of dried foodstuffs.

Mr Tan believes in and insists on giving his customers only the highest quality products. This has been the company's philosophy since the beginning, and enabled Tungsan's sales to increase over the years. Leveraging on customers' trust and support, Tungsan expanded its factory operations to increase output and productivity. The company's growth is also reflected in its solid reputation and track record among its customers and partners, both in Singapore and overseas markets.