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We want our customers worldwide to experience the true tastes of Southeast Asian cuisine when they cook with our convenient and easy-to-use food products. As they prepare the tasty dishes by making use of our culinary solutions, they will discover a new joy in cooking - a joy that they can share with their loved ones.

Straits Story takes our customers on a culinary journey where they can discover and experience the exotic heritage and flavours of Southeast Asian cuisine. Historically, the Straits refers to the Straits of Malacca and a geographical region consisting of present-day Singapore and Malaysia, as well as parts of Thailand and Indonesia. To the ancient Chinese, the region was called "Nanyang", or the "Southern Ocean". It was the confluence of great Asian cultures dating as far back as the Fifteenth Century. Each culture brings along with them their unique culinary heritage, cooking methods, spices and food ingredients. When these were blended together, an even more unique and exotic cuisine was born.

Today, we seek to capture this unique cuisine and present it through our Straits Story line of products. Our "Straits" cuisine, however, will not stay stagnant. It will continue to evolve as it absorbs and blends together subtle cultural preferences of its consumers. Carrying on with the same spirit that our ancestors had when they embraced new cultures, we will continuously innovate our products by merging cultural ideas and inspirationsinto our products as we interact with our global customers.

Food that Binds the Hearts

Mr Tan, our founder, enjoys cooking for large gatherings - not just for his loved ones, but also for his neighbours! He believes that tasty home-cooked food prepared with care and love can bring together people who matter to him, and also bind their hearts. Our Straits Story line of products is perfect for this purpose.

So whether you are an experienced cook, a novice or are just embarking on your journey of Southeast Asian cuisine, Straits Story offers you fuss-free culinary solutions that enable you to touch the hearts of your guests!

Here are some products by Straits Story:

1. Tom Yum paste
Experience the spicy and distinct flavour of Thailand that is well-known worldwide in its traditional form as a seafood soup.

2. Singapore Curry paste
This is one cosmopolitan curry that is unique to multiracial Singapore, created through a colourful blend of traditional Indian and Malay curries.

3. Hainanese Chicken Rice paste with Chicken Rice Chilli sauce
You can't say you have tried Southeast Asian cuisine if you have not tasted our Hainanese Chicken Rice. Complement this delectable dish with our distinct Chicken Rice Chilli sauce and you will love it even more!

4. Satay sauce
This fragrant peanut sauce brings fond memories among Singaporeans who enjoy catching up with friends over a tasty supper of grilled meat. Our Satay sauce is great for your parties, especially for barbeque lovers!

5. Chilli Crab paste
Chilli Crab is a perennial favourite among Singaporeans as well as visitors to our shores. For those who want to enjoy this dish at home, our Chilli Crab paste is prepared specially for convenient and fuss-free cooking.

6. Seafood Sambal
The dramatic combination of fresh seafood and fiery Sambal conjures a series of exciting and exotic dishes like Sambal Stingray, Sambal Barbequed Fish, etc. Tantalise your taste buds with these dishes and more!

Our products can serve multiple purposes! You can use them for marination, seasoning and even as dipping sauce! They are subjected to stringent production standards, quality control and prepared with ingredients of premium quality.

Feel free to discover more about Southeast Asian cuisine with Our Recipes and start to make your cooking more exciting!

Straits Story is only available exclusively at Tungsan. Please contact us at straitsstory@tungsanfood.com or (65) 6257 6897 if you have any queries.